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Thinking of building an Accessory Dwelling Unit on your property? Also known as an ADU, these structures are legally permitted on your property, due to the California Housing Crisis. Every City has their own requirements to build an ADU, but the extra living space and rental income, makes it all worth it.

If you think about building an adu from scratch, there is alot involved. You will need to hire an architect, an engineer, a contractor and apply for permits. IT can be a time consuming and costly experience. A much more affordable way to build your accessory dwelling unit, ADU, is to put a prefab unit or manufactured home adu on your property. This is extremely time saving, stress saving and money saving!

Yes cities will allow a prefab adu, modular adu, manufactured adu to be installed on your property. You can work direct with the delaer and design the floorplan and elevations to match your existing home. The manufactured home adu can have the same siding, roofing, paint color, windows as your current home. That’s really all the city cares is that it matches the aesthetic of the existing home.

Building an adu at a factory will eliminate all the stresses of having a construction crew at your home for a year straight. Let the factory build your home in 3-5 months, get it installed and turn key ready, less than 8 weeks later. There are singlewide, doublewide, triplewide, rooftop deck and even two story manufactured adu’s. Our company can design and build your custom adu and even help with financing.

To learn more about building an adu at a factory, contact one of our agents today! We have been specializing in custom manufactured homes for three decades. Our family business understands the different jurisdictions and code requirements to make the entire process seamless and painless.

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