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Viability of Buying Mobile Homes In Terms Of Cost

When we take into consideration the costs associated with buying a mobile home, it is not just the money we strictly limit ourselves to. There are a number of other factors that contribute towards the cost consideration; the major one being the factor of time.

Based on suggestions usually given by credible mobile home agents, read the following reasons why we think you should opt for purchasing a mobile home in terms of cost considerations;

  • As far as upfront cost of a mobile home is concerned, it is considerably lower than a stick built home because of the wide range of options you are provided with when it comes to house kits. Depending on your budget, you can go as low as about $15,000 to $20,000 or as high as well above $100,000.


This kind of flexibility is not there in stick built homes. Although you do have the option to go for a smaller one in that as well, it still costs more when compared with a mobile home.


  • In terms of construction, the factor of time comes into consideration. It takes significantly less time to construct mobile homes since there is no ‘real’ construction involved.


All you have to do is buy the pre-fabricated parts and assemble them in a matter of literally a few days. On the other hand, stick built homes requires no less than six months to one year; raising your construction costs as well. The quicker the process, the more viable it is in terms of cost.


  • Another factor that touches upon cost is fixing and repairing. Since the entire house is built with pre-fabricated pieces and parts, it is easier to replace and fix them with standard ones available in the market as compared to custom stick built homes that may pose challenges in terms of finding the right fixtures suitable to the kind of construction that is done.

All these factors, in one way or the other, converge into ‘cost viability’. Be it construction and preparation time, the upfront cost or repair and maintenance; everything becomes considerably more viable.

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